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Im german american. and i hate people who call germans nazi's. and most of these people are english.why? because they are too fucking jealous that we have achieved everything they ever wanted to. we won the world cup 3 times. we would have taken over the world if america wouldnt exist and your all pissed off that ur damn little island was almost bombed into a wasteland if it wasnt for americans..AGAIN. and oh yeah we were the first people to conquer ur shitty little island. oh and ur so crap that when u go to olympics u have to team up with ireland and wales and scotland cus ur athletes are too shit to have their own team. "THE UNITED KINGDOM" and oh yeah ur country is still the only one which is ruled by a fucking queen. U cant make cars, u cant make food, u cant make guns, U CANT DO SHIT! one tiger tank usually took out 4-5 of ur crappy little boxes on wheels. you people just piss me the fuck off. and then u come with ur little shit excuses: BUT U KILLED SO MANT PEOPLE AND STARTED 2 WORLD WARS!!...YEAH WELL AT LEAST WE DIDNT TRY TO ENSLAVE PEOPLE. and oh yeah im not a racist. to the few decent english people im sorry, but the rest off you can go to hell.
english guy: the british navy is great
german: what navy? they were sunk by germany's U-Boats (submarine)
by fadyl July 29, 2006

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