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someone who uses facebook but is looking at other peoples profiles, going through their pictures,their statuses, their wall posts, their picture comments, subscribed to random people, their pages, liking comments on statuses from other people,logs on faceboook out of instinct, liking people's friendships, jumping from page to page,looking at people you dnt know and only have one mutal friend, adding people you don't know just so you can see what your friends say to them and what they post. its a lot like stalking but on more than one person!

Summer: "hey what are you doing?"

Sabina: "....."

Summer: "You must be on faecbook it's been like twenty minutes, who you creepin'on?"

Sabrina: "i clicked on some girl's page, and there was a comment from another girl, so i clicked on it and her name was KARRISSA and she looked like karissa would look like when she is forty!"

Summer: "God you're a facebook creeper!"

Sabrina: "i'll show you later"

by facecrepper January 17, 2011
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