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3 definitions by fabcookie96

Although it is an abbreviation that stands for "freezing my ass off," FMAO can stand for many things, such as "farting my ass off."
Holy Shit! I should have worn a coat today, I am FMAO!
by fabcookie96 December 04, 2009
v. When you take the hot pieces of paper out of the copying machine, and warm all cold parts of your body with them.
Example 1: Today at work, my hands were freezing so i copy-warmed them.

Example 2:

Craig: "Man, my face is cold!"
Frank: "Just copy-warm it."
by fabcookie96 December 04, 2009
A famous rapper who creates songs of no relevance to anything what-so-ever.
"Did you hear R-Kelly's new song 'Pregnant'? Like wtf dude?"
by fabcookie96 December 12, 2009