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Background: used primarly in male circles, with strong ties to hip-hop culture. often used in rap music to describe groupies.

1 a girl or woman who seeks attention from popular males with high levels of status exemplified mostly by musicians or popular/wealthy boys or men from a poorer neighborhood, by submitting to sexual favors with little or no pressure.
2 a girl or woman who is passed around from one male to another in short term, exclusively sexual relationships.
3 term for a girl or woman similar to "groupie" though the fame aspect may or may not be absent. whereas a groupie is partial to a particular band or person, the chicken head may be indiscriminant in choice and frequently chooses boys or men from her neighborhood or school.
4 female suffering from low self esteem who prostitutes herself for short lived friendships or attention.
1 to perform oral sex on a male or males indiscriminatly or in succession.
2 to suck or the act of sucking dick.
1. rappers need to stay away from those skeezin chicken heads.
2. that bitch chicken heads everybody!
by f9dyn June 07, 2004
origin unkown.
used in Sam Kinison act circa 1989.
rare usage.

1 another term for male ejaculant.
2 a term reffering to semen. likely coined due to semen's suspended solid apperance. also, likely put into use due to semen's chunky precipitate appearance when ejaculated and due to both human excretions being forced out of holes of the body.
"I made that bitch swallow my salty dick snot when I came!"
by f9dyn June 09, 2004

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