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(adj.) Awesome, amazing, stellar, crazy, unbelievable, awe-inspiring, overwhelming, mind blowing, shocking, majestic, magnificent, impressive, cool, grand, stupefying, wonderful. Tits can replace any of these words in normal conversation, and thousands of others.
"That movie was the titz!"
"This view of the Grand Canyon is totally tits."
by f3tu5 May 18, 2009
(v) 1. To do something enthusiastically, or successfully. Often used as an exclamation.

2. To do something very well or epically

3. To drive like a man. In other words, drive fast, weave, and get to your destination fast while avoiding a crash or ticket.
1. "You guys ready to go?"

"Yeah, lets rip titz!"

2. "How did you do on that test?"

"I ripped titz!"

3. "We just hit 98!"

"Rippin Titz!"
by f3tu5 May 19, 2009

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