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-noun: the stain-like residue left on a bed sheet by a menstruating woman; often undetected until the following morning, giving the sheet a striking resemblance to the Japanese flag.
Actually Reverend, I’ve found that Tide with stain release is second to none when it comes to removing those pesky Japanese Sunrises.
by f'd August 11, 2010
-verb: a short, jab-like strike to the breast. Primarily used to discipline; but can also be used in BDSM. Named for 'Family Matters' star Jaleel White (better known as Steve Urkel) who was once accused of punching a woman's breast implant.

-noun: an act or instance of Urkel Punching.
(v) I knew she liked it rough, but I was shocked when she demanded to be Urkel Punched.

(n) Expecting the Chris Brown treatment, she covered her face in fear, leaving herself completely susceptible to the Urkel Punch.
by f'd August 03, 2010
-noun: The act of using someone else’s bed to secretly engage in sexual intercourse. Instead of being properly discarded, the evidence (condoms, pubes, ect) is subsequently planted under the pillow of the oblivious mark.
Jim’s room was too dark to spot a wastebasket, so we just gave it the ol’ Persian Tooth Fairy and got out of Dodge.
by f'd January 10, 2011
-noun: a mythical world void of white people; the sensation experienced upon an excursion to such a place.
To cope with her recent relocation to Utah, TaNeisha often slipped into states of Ghettopia.
by f'd August 14, 2010
-adj: possessing the characteristics or mannerisms of, resembling or displaying behavior befitting a douche bag; douche-like.

synonyms: baggadocious, bagnostic, baggadelic, bagnetic, bagtastic, bagnifique.

related nouns: bagster, baggamuffin, Bagnum P.I., bag boy, deuce bag, sacco di douche, bagnificence, Baggie Smalls, Notorious B.A.G.
Some dillwad cut me off on the highway today and then gave me the finger. I should’ve known he was bagnificent by the ‘My Child is a Star Student’ bumper sticker on the back of his Hummer.
by f'd November 09, 2010
-noun: An overweight person who disappears for an extended period, then reemerges only to show off their slender new figure.
Most fat-a-pillars will never admit what they do with all that excess skin.

The average fat-a-pillar regains most or all of the weight within a year of losing it.

Fat-a-pillars tend to be nicer than girls who were born skinny.
by f'd January 01, 2011
(n) person who refuses to wash their hands after using the bathroom
More people would probably try Lupita's casserole if she wasn't a notorious tinkle fingers.
by f'd October 05, 2011

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