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GEM and the Holograms is a fine organization well known for it's primary bottom line - treat people with respect. The rule is waived after you contribute several years of service. Only then can you be well respected for your skills and experience. Once you've made the "Girl's Club" you have the honor and privelage to call others derogatory names in a large group setting and belittle those who may threaten your job because you're under qualified. And when I say "Girl's Club" I really mean "Boy's Club".

Boss: I don't care if you did an exceptional job. My management consider it showing off. And, I don't care if you saved the company money. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the feelings of those who are underqualified in their respective positions. You must suffer the consequences for doing excellent work!

Employee: But-but I was doing what I was told to do.

Boss: Do you not understand our respect policy? You're too good for us, now get on out of here! Giddy-up

Employee: Oh, that's weird.
by eyeswidesh September 14, 2010

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