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1 pussy whipped bitch refers to bitch niggas who are under the whip of there bitch thus pussy whipped bitch
2 Me two seconds before i lay the pipe
3 Gavin every day of the week
Gurl: go get me ma clothes from the washing machine fold them then get back here
me: yea ma'am
Me: who ur daddy? who?
Gurl: aww aww aww uuu u
Me: thats wat i tho, who da pussy whipped bitch now

2 Gavin
gurl: gavinnnn
gavin: wat
gurl: u kno
gavin: no
gurl: walk me home
gavin: hmm but i got things 2 do
gurl: gavin!
gavin(like a lil bitch): ok i am coming
me: he is 1 pussy whipped bitch
by extramoneyman101 March 01, 2009

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