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A pseudo-conservative known correctly as a "neo-con" who likes to pretend they are conservative, but are actually a bunch of pro-corporate whores who worship the grandson of the nazi facilitator Prescott Bush. They are lead by Jim Robinson who, not unlike screaming liberals, will boot you from his site if you say anything wrong about El Presidente Jorge Bushy.
Oh crap, we have another freeper stepford wife masterbating over bush.
by exterminator September 11, 2005
Fag, turd clown, shit thief, pickle puffer, turd burglar, rump ranger, ass blaster, chocolate starfish puncher, butt pirate...
Gawd, look at that absolutely disgusting donut puncher trying to blow little boys in the wayside toilet.
by exterminator December 10, 2003
Porch Punch: A fermented malt beverage that jigaboos drink while sitting on their sofas on the front porch watching traffic instead of working.
"Look at that lazy fat nigger drinking his porch punch".
by exterminator September 09, 2003

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