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A white powder known as mephredrone. Usually snorted in lines with a rolled up bank note or a cut up straw. Gets you feeling high, happy, exited, euphoria, loved up, empathy and chatty. Good for going out on the town. Buzz lasts for about half hour to 45 mins depending on the person. The comedown is awful making you feel tired, depressed and irritable and can last for 2 days depending on how much you take. Very addictive and it really creeps up on you. It is related to deaths and its really a plant fertiliser. Dirty. Too much over a period of time will make you look grey, makes your face droop like youve had a stroke and speeds up the deterioration of you nose much quicker than coke. Nose bleeds and burns are all too common. Damage on your brain is permanent, mood swings are frequent, happy one min, really angry the next. Literally. DO NOT mix with alcohol, cocaine, ketamine as this one of the ways it kills you. Dont do too much, bulid it up and dont panic when it hits you as this is another way to die (heart attack) go with the flow. Best thing to do is to not touch the s*** at all. It is dirty and bad people.
Person 1; Omg! im so angry! I dont know why though i was fine like 2 mins ago. Ill be fine.

Person 2; I think you should lay off the meow tbh :/

Person 1; SCREW YOU!

Person 2; Told you it aint good if it does that to your head....
by experienceisthekey May 03, 2010

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