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Smashism characterizes itself as an antidogmatic dogma, an anti-systemic system, an anti-religious religion, an idea devoid of any idea. Smashism turns art into garbage and vice-vera. Smashism recognizes the power-weilders and it lies to them. Smashism will liberate you from work. Smashism seeks to ignore food as sustinance, but embraces it as a weapon. Smahsism goes into spasms, urinates, throws flour, screams, crawls, knocks tables over. Smashism stabs, kicks, punches, paints, sculpts, fucks. Smashism may or may not become everything it hates. Smashism must run itself into the ground in order to properly be considered Smashism. Smashism accepts mistakes (also called shams or clams) and embraces the manner in which they positively mutate the realities of the past. Smashism assumes that anyone in power must suffer some form of humiliation. Smashism publically denies any involvement in illegal activities. Smashism would like to run all music through an effect. Smashism is more honey and less money. Smashism is more feeling and less thinking. Smashism seeks to make all that is ugly, beautiful (or at least interesting). Smashism seeks to replace the family unit with heaps of dirty laundry. Smashism must destroy all tourist centres. Smashism accepts that "noise" is the infintessimal scales between the notes. Smashism realizes that bodily functions can be effectively used as insults. Smashism must always tear itself down in order to prove it is for real. Nothing is so extreme that it cannot be instantly realized through Smashism. Smashism will eventually destroy all art as commodity. Smashism seeks to undo all societal training. Smashism doesn't attempt to learn foriegn languages, it instead creates new words. Smashism likes that "smash hit" sounds like "smash it". Smashism seeks to invent absurd new fetishes. Smashism wants to destroy the tired old concept of procreation. Smashism likes the way sweat smells. Smashism must dress to annoy the populace until the populace follows in its footsteps... then it must go nude. Smashism accepts all forms of music, but cannot play any of them. Smashism was dead on arrival.
Guy: The KLF deleted their entire back catalogue of Number 1 hits in response to the music industry's attempt to co-opt them by giving them awards.
Chick: That's totally smashism!
by exlex May 07, 2007

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