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2 definitions by exit triks

how to play:
1. go to wikipedia.org
2. go to the english article section
3. say "ready, set..." and click on random article
4. try to get to jesus christ's wikipedia page by only following links in the article.

you can even race your friends, this is a good substitute of wasting your time if youre on a filtered computer. instead of facebook, play the jesus game.
the jesus game:
random article: thai style dresses
1st link: Category Thai clothing
2nd: Thai fisherman pants
3rd: Thailand
4th: Christians
5th: Jesus

Thai dresses to jesus in five clicks, not bad.
by exit triks December 10, 2008
44 3
The feeling you get when you realize it is sunday and you have to go back to school, work, etc. tomorrow.
dude i was having such a good weekend and before i knew it i got a bad case of sundression at about 5pm and couldnt do anything the rest of the night.
by exit triks January 30, 2008
19 2