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1 definition by exacrom

Nyan Cat is a looping video depicting a cartoon cat with a poptart attached to his back and flying through space while singing a repetitive "NYAN NYAN NYAN" sound and leaving a rainbow trail.

The video became a viral internet meme in YouTube.

The origin of such meme it's believed to be in the "Buttered Cat Paradox" which states that a buttered bread will allways land buttered side down and a cat will allways land on their feet, so attaching a buttered bread (or a poptart) on a cat's back will cause an anti-gravity effect making the cat to float indefinitly. (This doesn't explain the NYAN NYAN sound, but I believe that was added to the video just to make it cute... and annoying)
- What would happen if I tie a buttered bread to a cat's back?
- You'd get a Buttered Cat Paradox!! just like the Nyan Cat
by exacrom January 04, 2013