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A citizen of Canada who is often absurdly obsessed with their U.S. neighbors to the South. Always claiming superiority whilst at the same time demonstrating almost child-like naivety about all things American.

Generally politically left leaning, a Canadian relies heavily on their government for healthcare, social services, and "thinking for them". Most Canadians live mediocre lower-middle class lives and have a good basic education.

World-class excellence only rarely emerges from Canadians, although world-class self righteousness is quite common. If you think of Canadians as movie critics, not movie makers you start to understand them.

"Canadian" is derogatory slang for any under-achiever with a chip on their shoulder and a misguided sense of blame.
Canadians brag about their rationed second rate healthcare system, while paying outrageous taxes to support it. (High Income Taxes, $40 bucks for a case of the beer they brag so much about, ~$4.50 US / gallon of gas, even though they are sitting on the largest reserves outside of the middle east, 13% sales tax on purchases).

Oh ya, you have "free" healthcare. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S !!

They brag about multiculturalism, because they have no identity of their own. Being "not American" is a pretty sad self definition, and "hockey, beer, crappy healthcare, and donuts" does NOT qualify as a definition either.

Bragging about Canadian accomplishments is also naive considering the accomplishments of other developed countries would span volumes, not fit on a single sheet of paper.
by ex-Canadian October 26, 2011

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