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1 definition by evvsauce2

One of the most ridiculous words ever made up. Used mostly by lower class black females, this word came into existence for no apparent reason what so ever and somehow came to mean "a lot" or "large amount of something." This word is definitely the stupidest, most pointless word ever. No wonder it was made up by nor cal people, their intelligence level is inferior to that of the soc cal people (who are much better looking and much, much smarter)

And btw, people tend to use this word in sentences that makes no sense at all...

If I had to summarize this in one word... LAME!!!!
Straight quote from the DC "I heard she brought hella guys to eat with us"

"oh man I'm hella full, I hella gotta bounce, I'm hella lame."

"Cari is hella lame, she always tries to creech in with Arie and Evan while they go to late night at the DC.
by evvsauce2 November 08, 2005