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Derived from "groupees", a congrigation of "the cool" people, often travel around in large groups together and live down the beach. When ever they see another "groupee" or "groupette", they think it necessary to go directly to that particular person completely forgetting who they are with. Also, if they have "groupee wives", they constantly hang around them and it is impossible to talk to them during that process.
The "cool" people (groupee congrigation) who are always down the beach and whom everyone tries to hang around with.
by evs02 April 29, 2006
When someone, groupee or non groupee (see groupee for definition), behaves typically like a groupee. Examples of this could be constantly hanging around with their girl friends ignoring everyone else completely, using phrases such as "banging" and "garant", is completely unreliable and finally constantly hangs down the beach looking "cool".
My best friend was being so groupeeish today
by Evs02 May 22, 2006
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