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2 definitions by evilschmoo

human bidet is that special class of creature that feels the need to prostrate themself behind bosses, managers, social higher ups such that they give an extra ass cleaning, far beyond the normal ass kissing. Human bidets are close relatives but much luckier than human urinals, who constantly get pissed on by everyone.
That idiot got promoted ahead of me. He wouldn't have got this far if he wasn't such a human bidet!
by EvilSchmoo June 20, 2005
When you see a movie starring the same person with the same costars and supporting casts you call the support cast "recycled". They are usually the buddies of the star off screen.
Ever notice in Adam Sandler movies Rob Schneider, Alan Covert continue to pop up as different characters? They are recycled actors.
by evilschmoo July 07, 2006