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A number between 7 and 13. A number that seems vast but isn't really, often used as an exaggeration.
I have a gazillion things to do today.

There were a gazillion people ahead of me at the checkout.

If I've told you once, I've told you a gazillion times.
by eviljoy January 23, 2010
Something that annoys you or turns you off.

Antonym: Float your boat
That really bloats my goat. - Said when annoyed about a specific thing.

Whatever bloats your goat. - (Antonym to whatever floats your boat.) - Said when you don't agree with someones peculiar or unusual opinion on a turn off, but you respect their right to be turned off.
by eviljoy January 13, 2010
To tell a fib or to make something up.

To paraphrase so outrageously that all likeness to the original comment is lost.

To invent statistics from thin air.
Don't quote the stoat with me. - Said to someone you believe to be telling a lie.

I might be Quoting the stoat here, but 87.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot. - Said when you are inventing statistics from thin air.
by eviljoy January 13, 2010
A number between 7 and 14. Used when a gazillion just isn't enough.
I had a gazillion things to do today and you added one more, making it an even bakers gazillion.
by eviljoy January 23, 2010

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