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Frances (Bean) Cobain is a child of famous Kurt Cobain (from Nirvana) and Courtney Love (from Hole).She was born in 1992.Today she wants to become a model and lives quite straight life,unlike her mother.
In my oppinion,all of you who say that SHE is supposed to bring grunge back again,YOU ARE WRONG!
I belive that she has the right to live her own life,and do whatever she wants to do with it.Well maybe she doesn't want to talk about her dead father,or maybe she has an old photo album,but that is her privacy only!
She is a spitting image of Kurt,and I really think she is great.
It is hard to deal with all popularity thing,and it is even harder to grow up sooner than the others.
I'm her age,and I'm really happy that Kurt left such beautiful kid behind him.
Don't give up Frances Bean Cobain!:)
by evilgreen April 19, 2009
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