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(n.) a social phenomenon wherein which a person acts as though he is on his cell phone in order to shield himself from uncomfortable situations.
When Peggy saw the bum approaching, she flipped open her LG and began laughing incessantly as though someone had told a joke on the other end of the line. Still penniless, the bum's plan was thwarted by cellular faux.
by evil little monkey July 10, 2005
1. (n)a cloth, usually an article of dirty laundry, used to clean ejaculant from the body after masturbating--or sexual intercourse in the case of coitus interruptus.

2. (n)a distasteful insult.
1. Yo, would you-like-grab that cum rag from beneath my bed before this stuff crusts over?

2. You want ME to grab it? What a CUM RAG!
by evil little monkey June 16, 2005
(adj.) used to describe a person, usually male, whose body is beautifully sculpted or "humped" with muscles. Having this characterstic typically makes him "humpable," although not in the case of such humpy persons as Lou Fariggno or that annoying blond australopithecine who sells exercise equipment on infommercials.
After leaving his weight-training class, Ignacio looked all humpy.
by evil little monkey June 08, 2005
(n.) an ass connoissuer or admirer, stemming from the word aficionado, meaning enthusiast.
Jim Bob surveyed all the hot chicks in the discotech, and--being a master assficionado--decided to take bootylicious Veronica home with him for a nightcap.
by evil little monkey June 08, 2005

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