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cheating can apply in all things in life such as politics government and so on but when it comes down to a realtionship its mmuch more complicating and complex. this is my point of view so sue me if you dare. YES cheating is going behind the back of the one you supposively love faithfully and committing unfaithful acts. this isnt always physical as cheating can be in a emotional mental or spiritual form. it only makes sense to classify it as actual cheating when two people in the relationship has made the vow or commitment to stay true to each other as in husband and wife in the eyes of god. this doesnt always have to include a large spectacular wedding where there are so called witnesses as long as the vow is made between the couple. unfortunately cheating never ends in a good result for anyone but the truth of the matter is cheating happens in marriage but also boyfriend girlfriend 'quote'status.
it was cheating when she had emotional disconnection even though he was just her boyfriend and thats how she wanted it.

it was cheating when he manipulated her with lies and deceit when he was emotionally disconnected from wanting to be with someone else.
by everyonehurts March 12, 2009

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