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1. Two or more identical siblings of a sexually appealing nature. The gold-standard is six (true sexytuplets)
2. Sexually promiscuous identical siblings
I'd like to show those sexytuplets a good time
by everyone is good April 21, 2006
eyebrows which point up sharply in the middle making the wearer look something of a criminal ^ ^
don't you just love Jack Nicholson's criminal eyebrows
by everyone is good April 21, 2006
An inability to cope with a stressful situation. Usually results in tears and a breakdown.

Acopia syndrome occurs when an individual repeatedly cannot cope with problems often trivial in nature.

Janet's jeans don't fit anymore and she has developed a serious case of acopia...
by everyone is good April 21, 2006
1. A person of either gender who, having undergone a sex-change, still looks obviously like their previous sex but believes this is not apparent.

2. A person who undergoes a sex-change procedure and later decides that it was all a big misunderstanding
1. A woman with a very full beard and an adam's apple
Note: deliberate sex change victims are to be praised

2. A psychologist persuades Jon that the reason for his insomnia is all down to the hidden female inside him

by everyone is good April 21, 2006

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