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an annoying room mate who makes stupid jokes and quotes Seinfeld. laughs loudly at the wrong time. makes jokes and comments about you but gets pissed off and cries when you do it to him. takes his computer into the bathroom late at night for extended periods of time and claims "I was playing chess". Talks to his obese girlfriend who he met on Myspace and dated for three months and now plans on marrying her when you're trying to sleep. Pulls down his beat sheet when he knows you're right but doesn't want to admit it. Listens to annoyingly gay music loudly and tries to sing but he really sucks. Not just at singing but at everything. Thinks he's really great when everyone around him thinks he a complete loser. His belief of the afterlife is exploring the universe. Basically anyone like my old roommate.
my old room mate was such a douche bag. good thing he moved out
by everyday balloons January 12, 2010

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