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2 definitions by everwoodisawesome

Possibly the hottest guy ever. He is one of the stars of the WB (now CW) show Everwood playing the character Ephram Brown, son of Dr. Andy Brown. He also had a starring role in Kids in America. He's a great actor and, as aforementioned, really hot.
Gregory Smith is the main reason Everwood is a great show.
by everwoodisawesome December 26, 2006
7 4
A great movie about several kids who protest the injustive at their school, as well as a teen romance storyline. Stars Gregory Smith (known for his starring role on Everwood), Elizabeth Perkins, Michelle Phillips, Julie Bowen, Adam Arkin, and many others. It is a great teen movie, with a good message, and its just awesome. Everyone should see it, and if you don't like it, you just don't understand.
Everyone should see Kids in America. Its awesome.
by everwoodisawesome December 26, 2006
6 14