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1.A wealthy or very rich person.
2.Somebody who claims to be wealthy or very rich but actually he/she isn't.
X: nice suit dude.(trying to touch)
Y:thanks dude.Hey watch it.That's a $2000 suit.
X:When did you become A Bill Gates,Huh?
#wealthy #very rich #exceptionally rich #poor #a bil gates
by eugene uu November 03, 2007
the process or act of communication being a mess.esp when using the mobile phones.
Joe-hey charles did you get my message last night?
Charles-of course not.How could i with this fuckinication network.
#noun #fucking communication #damned communication #groolinication #fuckenication.
by eugene uu October 13, 2007
A wealthy or rich person.
Jay-have you seen Felix's new car?
Rose-Sure,what about the car?
Jay -it costs a fabulous sum.Don't you know that?
Rose-Hahaha,haven't you realized that Felix is A Bill Gates.
Jay-Well,yeah.But why would somebody wanna ride in such an expensive car?
#rich #wealthy #church rat #poor #a bill gates
by eugene uu November 03, 2007
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