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an impossible 3 dimensional figure whose front half looks like three pipes laid side by side parallel and flush to each other and whose back side looks like a u shaped block. Coined by MAD magazine.
poiuyt is also the last six letters backwards on the top row of the standard keyboard and a surprisingly common password
by Eugene Romi December 09, 2007
angry anglophone. one who has some accumulated resentment towards french Quebec, the separatist movement, or bill 101.
i think getting busted by the language police has turned nick into quite the angryphone
by Eugene Romi February 27, 2008
any gang of anarchist hobos who have banded together for the chief purpose of covertly breaking into dumpsters and living off of society's waste. often travelling on some sort of retooled vehicle run on recycled oil.
check out the dumpster pirates on their veggie bus! what an eyesore! I really hope they leave town soon.
by Eugene Romi September 04, 2006
any vehicle with a diesel engine that has a modified fuel system allowing it to be run on vegetable oil. often driven by hippies and environmentalists.
it's cheap and easy to make your own veggie bus. a diesel engine can be run on any combination of fuels including used french fry grease, lard, paraffin, motor oil, ethanol and biodiesel, the latter being the best if you want your engine to last long.
by Eugene Romi September 04, 2006
(old school skate terms) n. the patch of exposed raw flesh from abrasion with the road, usually after a wipe out.
"after all that, he got up at the bottom of the hill, picked up his board and limped away covered in blood, and his back and arm was all street pizza..."
by Eugene Romi August 30, 2006
half burned tobacco squeezed out of collected cigarette butts, often kept in a pouch or baggie by bums and hobos.
Hobo: can I have a puff of that J?
Bum: actually, it's just toblacko, but go right ahead!
by Eugene Romi September 04, 2006
the one bit of pussy that one who is so inclined must supposedly acquire when going insane from lack of pussy, to make them sane again.
the boy needs therapussy.
by eugene romi October 19, 2006
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