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Romanian word used by people who disrespect hungarians (maghyars).

A very mean and racist way of describing them by Romanians
e.g: Futui in gura de bozgori

Fucking hungarians (literally translated: May they get fucked in the mouth these hungarians)

e.g: Bozgori imputiti

Stinky hungarinas
by eugen926 March 03, 2011
Romanian word (masculine) describing a gay person (the one who takes it). It originated as slang in the jails and it has spread out as:
1. Either a person who is literally gay

2. Or "bulangiu" as a person who is mean /bad or 2faced
e.g. : Ala e bulangiu

That guy is gay

e.g. : Ce bulangiu e ala!

He is so mean /bad /2faced /greedy
by eugen926 March 03, 2011
Thick Beautiful Woman
looking for that sexy, fun, freaky TBW
by eugen926 October 09, 2010

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