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A term for a sassy chick who walks briskly and often is in a rush. She can also be very combative. Definitely could kick your ass. I would be very afraid. This girl can put the nock outa alll a yall!

The name also could be derived from a great ancestor explaining the uniqueness and derivitives of the name.

Most likely a female who likes to drink lemon drop martinis in the middle of a winter day. She is classy...fancy too.....

Watch out Evalyn's are typically winers....

On a brighter note, Evalyn's are very concerned for the well being of others. They often go out of their way to provide random acts of kindness and are typically genuine by nature. They could light up a whole room with their bright smiles and eyes!!
Person 1: Did you see that chick booking it to class just now?

Person 2: Must have been an evalyn...I could hear walking from a mile away
by ethiopian goddess April 20, 2011

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