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5 definitions by ethanluke

"Pimping out" someone involves using them to gain certain items such as alcohol or money via their relationship with their partner/ friend/ associate.
(Neil has just received alcohol from a teacher for doing a favour and he shares it with his friends)

Jay: This is brilliant! We can can get well pissed!
Will: Although it does mean we are technically pimping out Neil
Simon: I'm cool with that
Neil: Me too
by ethanluke July 11, 2011
14 7
A variation of neigh neigh. The accent is compulsory. Used to describe an American blonde girl, who is unique.
Boy 1: I think that hot girl over there is eyeing me up.
Boy 2: Totally! She is such a Né Né.
by ethanluke July 17, 2011
11 5
A state of limited consciousness where you repeat saying bye to your partner/ friend when texting them or messaging online, where you both assume the other will go offline straight away.
Will: I was talking to Linnea the other day on facebook chat and when I went to leave we just kept saying "bye" and "x" for half an hour
Michael: Sounds like you were stuck in goodbye limbo then
by ethanluke July 15, 2011
5 1
The place you go to when you say goodbye to your partner via facebook chat and go to sleep with a feeling of love.
Boy: Okay i'm off to bed now
Girl: Off to sleepy baby koala bear land then? Awwww
Boy: Bye xx
Girl: Byeee loves forever :P :D
by ethanluke July 15, 2011
7 3
The hilarious result of placing your finger over the "e" in the "Coke" logo.
(Places thumb over "e" in "Coke")
Boy: Heh. Cok.
by ethanluke July 17, 2011
9 16