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5 definitions by ethanluke

A variation of neigh neigh. The accent is compulsory. Used to describe an American blonde girl, who is unique.
Boy 1: I think that hot girl over there is eyeing me up.
Boy 2: Totally! She is such a Né Né.
by ethanluke July 17, 2011
"Pimping out" someone involves using them to gain certain items such as alcohol or money via their relationship with their partner/ friend/ associate.
(Neil has just received alcohol from a teacher for doing a favour and he shares it with his friends)

Jay: This is brilliant! We can can get well pissed!
Will: Although it does mean we are technically pimping out Neil
Simon: I'm cool with that
Neil: Me too
by ethanluke July 11, 2011
A state of limited consciousness where you repeat saying bye to your partner/ friend when texting them or messaging online, where you both assume the other will go offline straight away.
Will: I was talking to Linnea the other day on facebook chat and when I went to leave we just kept saying "bye" and "x" for half an hour
Michael: Sounds like you were stuck in goodbye limbo then
by ethanluke July 15, 2011
The place you go to when you say goodbye to your partner via facebook chat and go to sleep with a feeling of love.
Boy: Okay i'm off to bed now
Girl: Off to sleepy baby koala bear land then? Awwww
Boy: Bye xx
Girl: Byeee loves forever :P :D
by ethanluke July 15, 2011
The hilarious result of placing your finger over the "e" in the "Coke" logo.
(Places thumb over "e" in "Coke")
Boy: Heh. Cok.
by ethanluke July 17, 2011