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A channel th@ is supposed 2 make young girls & gay boys ages 5-10 look forward to being a teenager. However, they took it 2 far. They took being a teenager (th@ is appropriate 4 little kids to b able to c on TV) WAY 2 over the top. 2 b honest, I don't know any teenagers who have a secret power or is "magically" an auto-tuned pop star AND a dancer (but mostly an auto-tuned pop star). From 2007 & on, I just couldn't handle DC anymore (I have to deal with my little sister watching this everyday)! As the years have gone by, they've decided 2 use MORE autotune by A LOT!! & before, I used to admire how good of dancers they are. Not anymore. The directors of a show called Shake it Up decided DC wasn't ruined enough and decided to make their "dancers" dance like spazzy robots. And the clothes I used to find "ok" looking. Not anymore. Their clothes have gone from normal to too much glitter and neon. The jokes? Even a 7 year old could tell better jokes!!! And I guess because all the stars quit because they finally wanted a real acting job at age 25, they ran out of good looking stars! Look at Hillary Duff, and then look at Raini Rodriguez! BLECH!!
Person A: I LOVE Disney Channel!!! Do you?

Person B: GOD NO!!!

Person C: How old are you?

Person A: 15

Person B and C: How have you made it in the real world?
by essme June 03, 2012
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