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The inablility to talk on the phone due to extreme shyness.
Noel is too phone shy. I cant get her to have phone sex with me.
by esco August 14, 2004
A Long Walk
"we gotta troop to the crib cuz we are assed out 4 a ride"
by esco August 17, 2003
a guy that would do anything to protect his Mami, and would never let her be hurt.
No one will mess with Papi Esco's mami! Not even jamie
by esco September 27, 2003
verb:to forcefully insert into the rectum or vaginal opening, wooden or in some cases metal tavern furnishings
Sally like to be barstooled by a studded stool.

Tom gets a little to into barstooling himself in a dark closet surrounded by pink stuffed bears.
by esCo February 25, 2003
Having sex with a girl, then having your friend burst out of the closet with a camera. When that happens, you give the girl the shocker and lift her in the air as he takes the picture.
Want to see the picture from last night's Jersey Meathook?
by Esco March 19, 2005
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