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A town in Ohio graced with short sight and small minds; where your business is everyone else's; the black hole of goals; and the ball and chain of dreamers, truly a great place to live.
Town of Defiance: "What do you want to do with your life Jimmy?"

Jimmy: "I want to follow my dreams, become great and change the world!"

Town of Defiance: "Fuck that Jimmy, little did you know we have been trying to keep you down since you were born by talking about you behind your back, getting overly involved in your life, we will suck you back in, because Defiance is the black hole of all hopes and dreams. Defiance, a great place to live if you have no dreams!

Jimmy: "What the hell is wrong with you people, fuck this, I am never coming back."
by escapee November 01, 2004
Hothead Machinist.

A person who thinks they do all the freaking work.

"Miksys" is a contition caused by drinking too much Budweiser during the week, and trying to go to work the next day.
I drank so much last night, When I got to work, I pulled a "Miksys" and just started screaming at everybody!!
by Escapee March 23, 2004
A person who actually DOES all the freaking work.


a person who has very HOT daughters.
Raickovich does the work of 3 Machinists! can you guess which ones??
by Escapee March 23, 2004
hur-ting uglies who are hot at age 15 but slutty and fat by age 19...like umass educations, dislike a real life....enjoy boyfriends who do drugs and high school reunions
anyone who went to bhs, d-y, mashpee, nauset, sandwich, etc from 1999- present
by escapee May 07, 2005

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