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Your butt hole. Were your shit comes out.
"I got hair on my asshole!"
by escapedgoat September 30, 2004
Little snob kids or kids that are anoyying and stupid.
Brat: "na na na na na :P".

Baby Sitter: "Come here you little brat!!".

Rich Brat: "I am going to tell my daddy that you won't let me play with your cellphone!".

Nana: "Shut up you little brat!!".
by escapedgoat September 30, 2004
A disguised jail. Were kids are force to wake up everyday of their life so early to make their life a living hell and make them be stuck in school so they wont bother grown ups. And make them learn useless stuff wich they don't need to know. Cause they are suppose to be in church learning about GOD and waiting to die and go to heaven and never going to need that stupid information cause we all going to die!!!!!!! wasted time!!!
"hi i am a nerd and i am such a stupid person. i have no life. books are my friends. i am going to be a stupid nerdy doctor and i don't care if i waste my life and die oneday without discovering what life is all about and about enjoying it."
by escapedgoat September 30, 2004
A virtual world site in which you waste your time loading the popup then waste your time playing the music and getting money to buy virtual good for nothing furniture . And at the same time waste money if you buy their coke to get the stupid code under cap.
ONG!!! I got 5000 decibles!! I'm rich!!!!

----------turns of computer------

I hate my life. I wish i was rich.

See? What do u get out of this game? Nothing but a big phone bill , wasted time and money.
by escapedgoat September 29, 2004
Another word for body.
Shake your booty baby!
by escapedgoat September 29, 2004
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