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The consensual and romantic restraint of a beloved and cherished partner for mutual sexual enjoyment
When I'm helpless in bondage he makes love ot me in the most gentle and erotic way..
by esca June 08, 2004
The Yaoi pairing of Tai/Taichi and Matt/Yamato in digimon. Very popular among yaoi fans because of the very close friendship between them and them always fighting supposedly to get close to eachother.
One of my favorite pairing in Digimon is Yamachi.
by Esca February 08, 2005
The pairing in digimon the second season of Davis/Daisuke and Ken. They also draw a big crowd of yaoi fans because they admire eachother and care for eachother
One of my favorite yaoi pairings for digimon is Kensuke
by Esca February 08, 2005
A common abreviation of the pairing of Takuya and Koji in digimon the 4th season. They are a figured pairing because they care about eachother and usually fight figured by people as a reason to be close to one another.
Takoji is on of my favorite digimon pairings.
by Esca February 08, 2005

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