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Rio. How on earth do you begin to define a Rio? She's just perfect; amazing, kind, and caring. She's the most talented listener, always there when you need her, through thick and thin. She's been through some harsh times but tries not to let it get her down, although sometimes it's difficult. She's got ɑn amazing body, great hair & dazzling eyes, She's very insecure about herself and her looks, although she needn't be. Α Rio is very academic & enjoys sport, She has many friends and tends to hang around with boys too. Rio is not a girly girl on any level, she would much rather be playing soccer/football in the mud+grass than being stuck indoors doing her hair. Rio is amazing. If you ever get yourself a Rio.. Keep her and don't ever let her go.
Wow, I wish I was more like Rio..
by erm, Who are you? February 10, 2013

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