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A tree on which large bags of cat feces are hung in the back yards of elderly cat ladies.
Ex 1: lets go play in the scagtree, the cat lady made us cookies to eat while we play. Ex 2: the neighbors are signing a petition against the scagtree. Ex 3: have you ever tasted the fruit of the scagtree?
by eripaco May 08, 2011
old lady owning one or more cats, often recognized by psychiatry as having obsessive compulsiveness attatched to hording. most if not all close relationships are gone. mostly due to deaths. the cats replace humans as relatives and bonds are sollidified. atladies often found deceased with cats feeding on their remains due to not being fead by anyone.
the catlady had 26 cats before she died. very few people showed up for her funeral
by eripaco May 10, 2011

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