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the act of farting after holding it in for a long period time, aside from the obvious relief from doing so you also feel a dry tingle go through your anus which causes a certin degree of stimilation.

most people wont admit to this, gay or straight.

tony:damn dude i just had a fartgasm, oh boy did that feel so sexual!

rush limbaugh:i blame your deviant behavour on the liberal media and you probably have had sex with bill clinton,,,,(lets one roll out!),,,oh those fartgasms do feel good,,,time for another oxy
by erik debauchery November 06, 2006
A phrase used when leaving a drinking establishment.
Kevin: c'mon erik let's kick this pig

Erik:say what?

Kevin: as in get outta this place.
by erik debauchery September 14, 2006
the act of one man having a large collective of female friends, most commonly they are usualy friend's with benefits but can also be "just" friends.

derived from the word's "hoe" and "bogarting"
jeff has alot of female friends, either he's gay or he's hogarting
by erik debauchery September 25, 2006
a very childish game created by 3 pizza hut employee's in red bluff california.

the game involve's taking rubber duck's and placing them in public tiolet's with a sign posted to the wall that say's "sink the duckey"

was performed on night at the local walmart, the tiolet's were clogged and the janitor was pissed.
whats crackin tonight?

by erik debauchery September 25, 2006

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