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A slang term used to describe a headband or hippy-type of head wrap that is slung horizontally around the forehead area of the face. Typically worn to show support, energize one's spirits, or to look like a hippy.
Whenever i wanna show my spirit i put my powerband on and i suddenly exhibit all of this extra energy!
by erieee December 10, 2009
a synonym to the word "purse" but used to emphasize the fact that one is describing a woman's purse, rather than a man-bag.
jessica: erica where did you get that bag? men's warehouse?

erica: no way homes, this is a wurse!
by erieee November 11, 2009
A rare neurological disorder often trigged by the seasonal flu shot. Dystonia has gotten recent attention in the media due to the 26 year old woman who is unable to walk forwards without stumbling and making jerking movements. She is unable to walk normal unless she is running...talk about a one in a million chance!
Christian: Why do you keep running away from me?
Katie: It's the only way to calm my dystonia homes!
by erieee November 30, 2009
A term used to describe someone who is acting dumber than they are; not necessary derogative term, but when used in the right context it can convey the frustration that one is having during the communication process.
Stop being such a schmuck and listen to me ya dumb!
by erieee December 21, 2009
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