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Another stupid souless anime. i love real cartoons like The angry Beavers, Dexter, Zim, rocco, SpongeBob(not canceled, yet), Pinky & the brain, animaniacs, the old Rugrats, the old Simpsons. Ren & Stimpy. But they all are canceled know and replaced by stupid commercial soulless mindless satanic card-selling anime. Anime suck and you know that. the anime gonna destroy the good cartoons, and I know we are doomed. WE ARE AMERICANS NO JAPANESE PEOPLE. THEY CARTOONIST BETRAY US.
No more cards and videogames-selling soulless and funless cartoons kidsmindcorrupters.
A no-anime cartoonist.
kappa mickey is like Avatar, hi hi Puffy amiyumi, foster home, juniper lee, american dragon jake long, ben 10, megas xlr, teen titans
Corruption in the animation. Sex... violence... demons... Satan... Parents... dont let your children see and by anime and their stupid cards. Degradation, unoriginality and DOOM in the same definition.
The anime corrupt our childrens.
Trash Crap... It is trash.
It is the worst unoriginal idea of the world. WE ARE AMERICAN, NO NIPON/COREAN O ANYBODY.
We had original style, the ability of create new things, but the anime make a brainwash to the nowadays animators and cartoonist. I cant believe it. We are losing we american soul.
You can see which they made to the looney toons.
They cancel unlimited SpiderMan ç
They cancel Invader Zimand the angry beavers.
They eliminate Pepper Ann and Doug of Toon Disney.
They are here, and they are taking our minds. And I'm crying while the mind of our children are in a corruptization with demoniatic-mosters cards and commercial stuff.
Americanime. The lost of our souls. the commercialization of our dreams to stupid "cards and videogame"seller anime.
The nickname of the Demoncratic party. Remember, A vote for democratic party is a vote for Satan. Doom.
The Democratic party is our Dooom. Go Bush.
Miore stupid nonsense anime trash that replace the good and original cartoons, free of the stupid anime-defined firms and stupid storyline. The angry beavers, invader zim, kim possible, spongebob makeme laugh. The stupid americanime makeme cry. WE ARENT JAPANESE PEOPLE.
Avatar: The Last Airbender is a Americanime, Avatar: The Last Airbender is trash.
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