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I just got blasted as fuck off that yak
by Eric the Red November 07, 2003
The act of slapping one's member across an unexpecting party's face.
When Eric was sleeping I ran into the room and gave that cunt a Princeton Meat Slap across his face!
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
A person who abuses a friendship by milking the one-eyed lizard when in the confines of a friend's room.
Keiller went into my room and had a wank
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
A large to middling size portion of toast which has had ejaculate spread on it by a butter-knife
Here you go my dear, I've made you a nice slice of Gary Pallister toast
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
The act of using a carp to pleasure the male sexual equipment. The experience is further heightened by the use of 'dirty talk' such as: "I'm gonna make you sleep wit da fishes" and "Your cock gonna spray like my mamma's dinga-magoo"
Can I have that large carp over there please? I'm going to give my boyfriend a Mafia Hand Job
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
The sexual act of having a much-loved and well-valued partner (of the same or opposite sex, depending what your desires are) perform fellatio on you while you attempt to conquer a country with a 600, 000 strong army. It is professed that when attempting to anex Russia, one receives a heightened sexual experience.
Man! I was just about to kick those Red motherfuckers' asses but that bitch Josephine went down on me and I took my eye off the prize! It was the shit though! Totally blew into her mouth; she was totally gagging.
by Eric the Red December 16, 2004
The sexual manouever in which the penis is inserted into the anal cavity of the receiving party, thus widening the sphincter. The receiver of the 'John Wayne' will, if the manouever is performed correctly and with the appropriate equipment and vigour, be unable to walk with great ease. Their legs shall be bowed and walk as a cowboy, or John Wayne, does
Man, I just John Wayne'd that bitch and now look at her! She's moseying like a fuckin' cowboy!
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
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