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How you feel the night after someone bung you (inserted his penis in your bunghole instead of your vagina) for the first time.
She awoke with a wicked bungover, 'cause Johnny got it in the wrong hole.
by eric robertson September 16, 2006
When someone looks great in their twitter profile pic, but ugly upon closer inspection or in person
One of my new followers looks hot, but it was just twitter goggles. She's fn ugly in person.
by Eric Robertson December 02, 2013
past tense for bang, with/related to ass sex.
Related to bunger: "A guy who is not too bright and doesn't know which hole is for what."
He bung her last night, but was trying to bang her. He got it in the wrong hole because he had been drinking too much and didn't know what he was doing.
She woke the next morning with a bungover,and said, "Crap goes in, crap goes out."
He was a real bunger, so he didn't know what the heck she was talking about.
by eric robertson September 16, 2006

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