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the "blackest" name anybody could have. if you were called this, you would have to be a girl, and act extremely ghetto. you would also need to be incredibly awesome before you were called this. "shuh-cuan-zeetuh-sheekee-on-uh-tray" is the correct pronunciation.
"damn shannon, your so ghetto, your shaquanzitashikiannatr'e."

"dude, your a shaquanzitashikiannatr'e"
by eric giov June 06, 2009
a person that stinks of shit and is as fat as a cow. an uncommon insult that is not used by many. the term "shiz" originates from the word "shit" of course. and the term "cow" is self explanitory. it is mostly used by pre-teens and teens.
"dude, your an ass"

"i dont care, at least im not a shizcow like you"

"oh, you shouldnt be calling me a shizcow, look at you"
by eric giov June 06, 2009

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