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Having a quickie with a female employee of a well known fast food company.
Yesterday I ordered a quickmac from Nicole, she's the new one at the Drive In.
by eraser January 05, 2008
A doppelwhopper is the definition for real big breats. Similar to the doppelwhopper, which can be ordered by a common fast food restaurant.
Oh, look she has a doppelwhopper! Great....
by eraser January 23, 2007
An Analadjudant is an other term for jerk or asshole.
Oh you are such an analadjudant.
by eraser April 12, 2007
If you've upset your stomach and you feel really bad, then there might be a comeback of what you ate the hours before.

Guy: Yesterday I was so drunk, but after my comeback, I was alright again.
by Eraser April 13, 2008

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