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Japanese slang for the bottom in a homosexual relationship. Derived from the Japanese for (pussy) cat which when you think about it makes a lot of sense.
You could tell the small-framed boy was a neko from the way he walked.
by epyonnxt May 08, 2005
Japanese slang for the top in a homosexual relationship.

See also neko
Craig is such a tachi! I'm tired of bottoming!
by epyonnxt May 08, 2005
Much like its real world counterpart (bitch slap) an e-bitch slap is a verbal slap with forewarning in response to something stated over the internet - usually something dumb. Its goal is to leave the stupid person/troll speechless and hopefully deter them from further shenanigans.
"I swear to all that is holy. I will e-bitch slap the first person to flame this post so hard!"
by epyonnxt May 08, 2005
Used in some gay circles to define a young man who is hairier than a twink but too thin to be a cub.
Oh John's a care bear, he's not husky enough to be a cub!
by EpyonNxt April 27, 2005
Any compliment a gay man gives to another gay man. Usually to cause drama.
I can make a fire with some wood and a backhanded compliment.
by epyonnxt May 08, 2005

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