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1 definition by epitomeofawesome1

located in North America between Canada and Mexico, it used to be a great place, and it still is, sort of.

has a lot of problems stupid people in the government don't know how to fix because they are obsessed with power. the only place where more and more money is dumped into union schools and kids still get lower test scores(solution: charter schools, but union leaders are too fucked up in the head to realize what's right). a lot of people around the world now hate us, and they don't have a good reason to. america is the world's policeman. what power would have stopped Hitler from taking over the world, huh?

home to various races, and the government here is more racist than the people.

media is everything, and entertainment is one of our main focuses over being productive.

trashy people are everywhere, but there are a lot of good people too.

America: good and bad!
Am I proud to be an American? uh...yeah...ok

United States of America: home of the...most obese pop.?


The US is pretty much going down the drain.
by epitomeofawesome1 November 24, 2011
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