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A place you've probably never heard of, populated by neckbeard musicians, flannelshirt bikers, and ironic dogs.
I can't, like, give you an "example" of a hipsterritory, brah. But they do exist. Just take my word for it.
by ephemeralibi June 20, 2011
(adj.) - Being nonsensical, but in a purposeful manner. A nonsensicalculated person would appear to speak meaninglessly, but would actually be speaking to a specific end. However, this end need not be consciously known; further, there are no rigid schemata by which one might discern ex post facto whether a person is being nonsensicalculated for a moral or enlightened purpose (as in the case of a court jester or comedian) or for a cunning or malicious purpose (as in the case of a charismatic charmer running a Ponzi scheme): therefore, determining whether one is nonsensicalculated in a benevolent or a malevolent fashion requires a degree of faith.
Yorick, Glenn Beck, Lisa Lampanelli, Bernard Madoff, and Friedrich Nietzsche are all nonsensicalculated, but all to profoundly different degrees and ends. A good method of determining whether one is being nonsensicalculated to a moral end is to ask yourself: Does this person make me laugh?
by ephemeralibi July 16, 2011

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