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The ability of comedian to perpetuate genocide through a response of laughter the literally "kills."
To exterminate the rival political party's supporters, the President paid Bill Burr and Mitch Hedberg's ghost a handsome sum to deliver a covert hollercaust.
by eops November 01, 2009
A man or boy who is only interested in sexual encounters with women of the Asian persuasion.
"He pulled the TFlem last night and picked up an Asian hooker. I think her name was Na Na."
by eops October 28, 2009
A girl you take home to have sex with, usually while she is intoxicated, that just lays there like a dead fish instead of taking control or switching positions. Minimal movement or interplay. Like a fish that you've reeled in for sport that doesn't have any fight.
The girl had drank so much she could hardly string together a sentence, let alone give me some for working my ass off. She didn't move! What a fishfuck.
by eops November 01, 2009
Much like running a train, you and your friends take turns defecating on a girl's chest and stomach region until some type of crude structure is formed by the feces.
After feeding her ungodly amounts of booze, I was finally able to convince her to let me and my friends do some Lincoln-Logging in her dorm room.
by eops November 01, 2009

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