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A great state to live in. People who don't know the truth of Jersey have likely never lived/visited there, and write it off as "boring" or "shitty" when in fact it is very interesting and has a lot to offer. That's why all the obnoxious New York trash (who pronounce it as "Joisey") and Pennsylvanian hick scum come here for vacations. A classy state with classy towns. Home of the Pine Barrens, one of the most unique, beautiful, and important forests in the WORLD, and people have the nerve to say that Jersey smells like pollution (that's only around New York and Philly, fellas). All in all, a totally misunderstood state. Just stay away from Camden.
I went to college in PA and now realize how much it blows compared to New Jersey.
by eongonegni October 05, 2005
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