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A fuckin hilarious comic strip with the hyper, cat-nip stoned cat Bucky, fat yet respectable Satchel and their owner Robbo. A funny strip of random and odd jokes. Not as good as Calvin and Hobbes but close.
Satchel- "Ha ha, Catnip, the gift that keeps on giving."
Rob- "Stay out of my room!"
by Enzo Ferelli April 11, 2005
The Lead guitarist of Jane's Addiction and on one of RHCP's albums, One Hot Minute. He's married to Carmen Electra and had a TV show with her. In 2001, he released his solo album, Trust No One. He also recorded on Porno For Pyros album God's Good Urge on the song Freeway. A truely remarkable musician with forceful guitar riffs and moving lyrics.
"I thought she was somebody else..."
-Dave Navarro
by Enzo Ferelli August 22, 2005
A rock band started in the 90s by the most awesome Perry Farrell after Jane's Addiction fell apart. 2 most known songs are "Hard Charger" on the "Private Parts" soundtrack and "Pets", a big hit on MTV. Broke up later and was never formed again.
Lets hear some PFP.
by Enzo Ferelli April 11, 2005
A bahamian beer that is just straight fuckin' awesome. It has more beer in the bottle and a higher proof. It comes in Light, Gold, Gold Light, Premium, Premuim Light. Only found around and in Bahamas. A very good beer, tastes like Corona with more alcohol. Named after the sound that cow bells make when clashed together.
KALIK! I'm drinking KALIK!
by Enzo Ferelli April 11, 2005
A band formed by Stephen Perkins, the drummer for Jane's Addiction. A very relaxed, allstar band consisting of guests such as Flea from RHCP, John Frusciante, Mike Watt, Bad Azz and many more. Renown among the California music community. Their 4 albums: Banyan, Anytime At All, Live at Perkins's Palace, Live at The Fillmore
La Sirena- "A friend, my friend, till the end"
#jane's addiction #stephen perkins #rhcp #mike watt #music
by Enzo Ferelli October 01, 2005
A killer guitarist who most famously showed up in Jane's Addiction. Jane's Addiction he was the lead guitarist with Perry Farrell as vocals. He was with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the One Hot Minute album and diiferent projects. He showed up in the Porno For Pyros album Good God's Urge. Then he put out a solo album about his pain and suffering with personal issues and a recovered heroin addiction called Trust No One with my favorite song Slow Motion Sickness. He had an MTV show with Carmen Electra and then Jane's Addiction was re-formed with the album Strays but then broke up again. I don't know of Dave's current status.
SLOW MOTION SICKNESS- Countinue the waiting. Tearing at the wing. I must have found. A terrible play thing broken on a swing. I must have found. Kept boxes of old days when you were afraid.

Sometimes, I don't feel so, I don't feel so good, sometimes.
by Enzo Ferelli May 25, 2005
A bitch company and can be named a "poser company" because they sell their California, Surf, and other shirts to kids that may not have even been to California or cannot surf. Overpriced, slutty, and a waste of money. It disgraces California and the surfing community. So, Fuck all you people who wear this company's products. You are all posers, fuckers.
1.Man, I'm broke. I just went to Hollister and spent $4000 on a shirt and jeans that are pre-ripped.
2.Hey, you surf? No? Then why the fuck are you wearing a shirt that says "Winning Surf Team '87"?
3.You never been to California you fucking redneck slut.
by Enzo Ferelli April 09, 2005
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