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13 definitions by entr' acte

A cry of glory, usually cried out during a video game battle or backyard football game, proclaiming that the person (or persons) opposing the speaker were fucking owned.
Brandon: Dude, he just fucking no-scoped me.

Chase: You just got dicked with!
by Entr' Acte November 15, 2009
A slap on the ass.
Josh: She looked sad, so I caught up with her and gave her a universal problem solver.
by Entr' Acte December 18, 2009
Fuck yes.
Jamie: Evan! Your ex Caitlin just died!

Evan: Fushyes!
by Entr' Acte November 27, 2009
Asking someone else out on your bitch ex-girlfriend's birthday, then showing the new girl off in front of her.

(Works only if you were the one dumped and the girl is having second thoughts, or was a total bitch but still wants you.)
Evan: So Harley, have you met Emily?

Harley: Um, no... Hi.

Emily: Hello

Evan: Well, we should probably go... we have a movie to catch, a dinner to eat, and awesome sex to have. Bye Harley!

Harley: :'(


Emily: What was that all about?

Evan: That, my dear, was revenge.
by Entr' Acte November 24, 2009
The only time (besides when you're drunk)where everything you hear/say is fucking hilarious (to you).
High Guy: Dude, this bag of Cheetos is going to fuck a your mom

Dude: That's only funny when you're high...
by Entr' Acte November 19, 2009
A really cool Opotamus.
Q: Is a hippopotamus a hippopotamus or just a really cool opotamus?

A: A really cool Opotamus!
by Entr' Acte December 24, 2009